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We are very excited about new opportunities the content explosion has given independent artists. Frathouse Muzik has been able to partner with corporate customers to deliver cost effective, high quality music alternatives all while meeting their branding and demographic requirements.


Customers can either choose tracks from our catalog or have us create custom works.


We use our vast network of artists and producers to create custom music that fits your branding needs. Whether its a song for your trailer, educational song for kids, or creative anthem for your new product launch, we can deliver.


If you would like to learn more about our music production and catalog offerings please contact us


Frathouse Muzik has recent placements in:


Coca Cola/Spotify- "52 Songs of Happiness"

Nike- "Track My Game" - Youtube Campaign for New Product Launch

Fanta- Eastern Europe Youtube Campaign

Warner Bros./Nintendo- "Wii Party Champions" Video Game

Podemos Ad Council- "Obesity PSA"

USA Network- "Royal Pains: Sand Legs"


Brain Beats- Children Educational CD

Metal Mulisha- Black Friday DVD

Vice Magazine- Fresh Off the Boat (FOB)


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